Kabinetas | 04/05/2018
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Paranormal / one-evening group exhibition

4 May, 2018

Exhibition at an ex-gas station.

Francesca Burattelli, Lukas Danys & Miglė Vyčinaitė, Toke Flyvholm, Kåre Frang, Jan S. Hansen, Claus Haxholm, Bjarke Jepsen, Johan Bech Jespersen, Kristian Jorgensen, Sabine Kongsted, Kaja Lahoda, Benn Malca, Malik, NDRAP Development, Markus von Platen, Mathias Sæderup, Olga Kristine Stage, Christian Vindelev, Mira Winding

Only slight traces of the noxious matter haven’t evaporated still; the shiny vehicles no longer turn to the area to devour the mass of once-living creatures extracted from the ocean floor.

The Paranormal sets out to spatialize the intangible – engaging with the ghosts of the present perfect, occurring as a haunting retroactive thread that collects what has been left out, confirms the forgotten, scrupulously deals with the unknown. It comes as a tongue-in-cheek statement about the uncanny, temporarily inhabiting an abandoned gas station to treat the untold space as a dimension of variable temporalities. The question of time-unconsciousness floats eerily in the air, amassing a curious body of memory to put one’s finger on.

Paranormal is the first half of the two-part-exhibition-venture at semi-public spaces, set in Copenhagen (May 4) and Berlin (May 17). The exhibitions lean on time as a concept to be embodied, on the experiential to be spatialized, a space to be untold. It unravels slowly in the context of a year-long event cycle Embodied Space conducted by Kabinetas.


Exhibitions are organized by: curator Vaida Stepanovaitė (Kabinetas) & artist Lukas Danys

Photo: Miriam Nielsen

Editing: Andrej Vasilenko