Kabinetas | 22/12/17
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keep your guests happy

22 December, 2017

Make sure your guests are comfortable with one another by introducing those that aren’t known that well to your group of friends. You may also want to start with the party activities and turn the music up louder to enforce a party atmosphere. For groups that don’t know each other, you may need to start conversations rolling. That’s why you’re the host! wikihow.com/Have-a-Great-Party

On 22 December, Kabinetas claimed functions of another space and organized an exhibition afterparty as a traditional program part at the gallery.


Sound – Lukas b2b Mykolaitis, visual – Sebastian talks.


The private mandatory situation usually happening after the exhibition opening was carried out as the closing chapter of the project space Kabinetas curatorial cycle Intermediary structures, with visual/sound program for audience coming by appointment. Cycle Intermediary structures travelled through the art field structures, using collaborations, education, power relations, simulated social situations as non-exhibitions as tools for research about the space as such.


Org.: Vaida Stepanovaitė & Margarita Žigutytė

Photo: Rūta Stepanovaitė