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Kabinetas is a transient space founded by Vaida Stepanovaitė and Rūta Stepanovaitė in Lithuania in 2015 and since 2017 fully on the go. Acting in cycles such as Processuality, Distance and Intermediate Structures, the cycle of 2018 is being developed as an out-of-body experience that could come from embodying a space. Usually staying in the footnotes with some risky deception and inside jokes in mind, Kabinetas continues as a research node for the spatial and experiential practices, acting as a space in space without one to call its own.

Contact us at act@kabinetas.com / 0037061347187 / 0037061183444


Contemporary art educational program Anatomy of an Exhibition for schoolchildren & students. Contact us at act@kabinetas.com / edu@arthesis.lt / 0037061183444


k/community is a growing team of volunteers and trainees of Kabinetas. Join us at act@kabinetas.com / 0037061183444