Kabinetas | 02/09/2016
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Losing Distance

2 – 9 September, 2016

Artists: Philippe Gerlach, Monika Janulevičiūtė, Sen, Gedvilė Tamošiūnaitė

Sometimes, it can be like dangling somewhere in between. Or diving through countless structures of social relations with no clear suggestion where to get out. Curious need of belonging grows where conscious reality and fictional reality lose distance, meeting in the vanishing points of the reverse perspective.

Here distance goes as a strategy, a self-imposed state of being, a mean of representation, a mechanism for simulation and stimulation in media. Distance as as a survival mode. A need to participate is replaced by representation – projected in the virtual reality, over-saturated with curated content.

Question is, if we materialize virtuality does it become more real? Are we jolted back to reality when aesthetic distance fails, or there is no definite line in between? Distance is a constant state of being; an illusion.


Curator Vaida Stepanovaitė.

Photos: Rūta Stepanovaitė