Kabinetas | 18/03/2016
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Lukas Danys / Made up endings

18– 24 May, 2016

Lukas Danys presents series of works that question our perception of ‘real’ vs. ‘imagined’

Lukas Danys (b. 1988) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has participated in a group show ‘ColorForSellingYourHome’ with Toke Flyvholm, Rytis Urbanskas, Justinas Gaigalas, Johan B Kristensen. Last year Lukas started an event serie ‘Metaforms’ where he has presented artists such as Jeff Gibson (AU), Brenna Murphy (US), Joshua Petherick (AU), Andrew Norman Wilson (US), Sean Raspet (US).

Exhibition ‘Made up endings’ is part of curatorial line of Kabinetas which examines process in intermediate conditions of meaning.


Photos: Rūta Stepanovaitė