Kabinetas | 16/07/17
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One-night event / How to make it on stage in 5 easy steps

16 June, 2017

Act ‘How to make it on stage in 5 easy steps’ by nomadic project space Kabinetas and art laboratory Shch/šč, on view during one night festival Kultūros naktis 2017 | Culture night 2017 on 16 June at Teatro st. 7A

One-night event ‘How to make it on stage in 5 easy steps’ acts as a symbolic stand-up stage, reflecting contemporaneity and artist’s position in it. From this symbolic platform, ironic comments of various taste are being made, the surrounding world is being judged, as well as the stand-up performer him/herself. ‘How to make it on stage in 5 easy steps’ plays with the artist’s image as a compulsory entertainer, dismantles topics widely-used in the contemporary art field such as art consumerism, cultural capital, creative society, oppositions between institutions, decentralization, one-person curator and collaboration. Playful approach to the event format also gives playfulness to the local art field meta-rituals, tendencies, layers and cultural pop-theories.


Event curated by team of people with different inclinations and from different organizations and independent streams, will present a group exhibition, performances, dioramas workshop, will give time for (non/artist) OPEN MIC and will invite for an afterparty at neighbours’.


Photos: Rūta Stepanovaitė, Dominyka Balaišytė