Kabinetas | 14/08/2018
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Project Space Festival: Ivanka Chai / Иванка Чай \ يفانكا تشاي

14 August, 2018

One-day event by nomadic project space Kabinetas at Project Space Festival Berlin 2018

During the Ivanka Chai project initiated by Lithuanian artist Marija Nemčenko and Kabinetas nomadic project space, a Lithuanian tea stall is being set up at the ‘Turkish Market’ on Maybachufer, connecting the two markets and cultures. The masculine name Ivan Chai is exchanged to Ivanka Chai whilst referring to a collective body of women by whom the tea was cultivated and bought from. This one-day event takes inspiration and integrates within the market as a social space of exchange, reflecting on the tea’s historic narrative.


Nemčenko’s practice is situated in the semi-fictional territory where East meets East, aiming to counter the cultural stereotypes through finding intersectionalities in these cultures.


Now operating from Berlin, Kabinetas implements experimental approaches through research that is set in sometimes unexpected collaborations, to enter the realms of spatiality, collectivity, performativity, ambiguity. Usually staying in the footnotes and working off the beaten path with some risky deception in mind, Kabinetas acts as a space in space, gladly without one to call its own. Run by Vaida Stepanovaite and Ruta Stepanovaite, with collaborating curators joining frequently.


Kindly supported by Lithuanian Culture Institute


More information about the event.

More information about the artist. 


Photo: Piotr Pietrus