Kabinetas | 13/05/2017
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Indrek Grigor (EE) / Contemporary Art Toolbox©

13 May, 2017

A must have tool for all the gallerists as well as a handy emergency kit for artists

Indrek Grigor presented an hour long stand up criticism show as the prototype of the Contemporary Art Toolbox© at “Knygų ministerija” bookshop in Kaunas, Lithuania.


The Contemporary Art Toolbox© contains all the necessary tools, complete with exhibition title, wall text and just in case for the artist, in order to set up a contemporary art exhibition within an hour. In course of the commented unwrapping of the box, a contemporary art exhibition have been set up with the help of the audience.


Indrek Grigor works as the gallery manager of Tartu Art House. He is an art critic for a number of publications in Baltics, podcaster and radio host for Estonian National Radio, occasional lecturer at Estonina Academy of Arts and past time curator. Grigor has studied semiotics and art history in Tartu University.


Photos: Marija Seniūnaitė, Rūta Stepanovaitė