Kabinetas | 23/02/2016
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Roma Auškalnytė / Image of an Image

23 February, 2016

Series of images at Kabinetas “Image of an Image”

Roma Auškalnytė has worked for several years in an autobiographical direction. Her works were usually derived from memory as well as from some mementos that she has had in her possession since childhood.

From 2012 she started concentrating more on the text based art in combination with printmaking or video, as well as various body/performance experiments. She is influenced by the printmaking processes, how they lead to new, ambiguous transformations of old ideas. Roma Auškalnytė is exploring body as a material in printmaking, the importance of gesture and repetition which are always hidden behind the final print.

Roma Auškalnytė now lives and works in Helsinki, Finland


Photos: Rūta Stepanovaitė