Kabinetas | 28/12/2015
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Raimonda Sereikaitė / Butterflies are cool in the big, huge, green forest

28 December, 2015 – 9 January, 2016

Site-specific object of Raimonda Sereikaitė is an expression of confrontation between aesthetics and the space, and of spontaneity

Raimonda Sereikaitė’s (b. 1989) site-specific object as an expression of confrontation between aesthetics and space, and spontaneity.

In her creative work, Raimonda Sereikaitė focuses her attention on three most important aspects – color, form and size/volume that are expressed by volumetric objects or elements of installation art. In the exhibited piece, the material is not presented in artist’s usual structural, geometrically complete form. Here, it conditionally and fluidly fills the space, clasps the intangible structure which is needed for this material to exist and which is created by it.

This site-specific object creates a direct, intimate and even phenomenal contact with the surrounding space which is white, minimalistic and with some unusual industrial insertions. R. Sereikaitė’s work invades this sterile, developing surroundings and induces a confrontation between it and a gold-nuanced material that marks aesthetics of luxury and theatricality.

Theatricality is an active thread in R. Sereikaitė’s creative work. The artist chooses heavy materials that are of real or fake luxury, engage in glossiness and texture. Changing in the light and the viewer’s eye, these material objects create a theatrical illusion, also present and immerse in strategies of hiding games, and changing of clothes into the opposing object – travesti.

The ability to control the flowing structure, to engage it in a dialog with herself (the author) as a creator, as a viewer and with the surrounding space, determines that the static object becomes an expressive happening in theatrical and sensual planes. Aesthetics of theatricality and luxury manifest through here and now principle that is seen in every level of the exhibition. The work is active in the present moment, and its intention is spontaneity of aesthetic and spatial effect.

Supporter of the exhibition – “Danesa“.


Text by Vaida Stepanovaitė

Photos: Rūta Stepanovaitė