Kabinetas | Me. Creative Block 06/05/2016
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Me. Creative Block 06/05/2016

Me. Creative Block / Young artists’ exhibition

6 – 24 May, 2016

A part of continued international young artists project Me, organized for the fifth time

Exhibition “Me. Creative Block” was opened as a part of continued international young artists project “Me” which was organized for the fifth time. This project aims to present young creators working in different creative fields.

As organizers propose, creative block, stagnation and frustration inevitably arising from it are the phenomenons that every artist faces. This feeling is not uncommon to a recent graduate bursting with usually forced potential also to a self-taught person with no clue about composition, right structure of melody or healthy body proportions. It may sound quite sarcastic but it only shows that creative block is like a mathematic truth – common and accessible existential category.

Why do we need to speak about this and conceptualize too? Nobody talks about flu too much, you get over it and move on, function. But, in organizers’ opinion, this category as a phenomenon occurring in every creative consciousness is not a simple secondary and inevitable result of process. It is an engine that lets the creative consciousness make the weirdest decisions that often work in a way that kills this stagnation, as a snake swallowing its own tail. To put it bluntly, it is not a consequence or a side effect, it is the dark side of the creative process.

Paticipants: Giedrius Zaura, Milda Žemaitienė, Donara Manuk, Justė Svirskaitė, Sandra Kvilytė, Vasarė Krugždaitė, Dovilė Grybienė, Lukas Šiupšinskas, Vaiva Kovieraitė, Renata Murauskaitė, Simona Lukoševičiūtė, Simona Bagdonaitė- Gulbinienė, Marius Bražas, Vaida Diliūtė, Živilė Spūdytė, Jolita Jakštaitė, Justina Garanskytė, Egidijus Godliauskas, Greta Mizgirytė, Antanas Šeronas, Bon Bon (Brigita Kazlauskaitė), Lasma Pujate (Latvia), Ieva Saulite (Latvia), Ea Ten Kate (Sweden), Kate Serzane (Latvia).


Photos: Rūta Stepanovaitė