Kabinetas | 07/10/2016
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Week-long performance Limit Less 07/10/2016

7 – 14 October, 2016

The live act of two artists raises questions about identity, human rights, nationality, using their bodies as an identification tool, not limited by a country and responding in the present moment

Yet what is the true meaning of being here and now, how do we represent this for the future as humans of the world? Intercultural event connecting Japan and Lithuania expands the question of nationality in a global context.


“Body is our Passport, Body is our Identification, Body is our Identity”


Artists Sandra Stanionytė & Yuki Kobayashi present themselves as free from gender or nationality limits and their work as live and happening in the present moment. There’s a need to redefine body as an object, gender and human relations between two bodies, branding, advertising, commercialization of art, the artists’ need to self-sacrifice, inveterate structures and defitnitions once again. Challenging the entirety of technological and commercial cybernetic culture, social media, online imagery in order to seek stronger human connection to the real world. This performance is active and operating in historical, political and cultural fields, searching for new methods of identification in the current world’s situation.

Yuki Kobayashi / 小林勇輝 (1990, JP) earned Painting and Performance Masters degree at Royal College of Art, London, UK. As visual and performance artist he uses his own body to explore the neutrality of gender. He questions racial stereotypes, looks into human relations, the resonance between restriction and fluidity in time and space. Sandra Stanionytė (1986, LT) earned Sculpture and Performance Masters degree at Royal College of Art, London, UK. She acts in interdisciplinary performance art field. She uses her body to question social and political constructs in various contexts. Both artists belong to performance collective Stilllive, which they established this year with their colleagues.


Photos: Rūta Stepanovaitė & Vytautas Paplauskas